Kalindi Press

Pages: 32 pages
Size: Paperback, 8.5 X 6 inches
ISBN: 978-1-935826-06-4

Dental health for children has always been a vital health priority, but now more than ever this issue needs attention. The growing stress of modern life leads many parents to neglect a dental-care routine for themselves and their children. And a fast-food diet—quickly becoming the norm—does little to encourage the strength and health of teeth and gums. Ongoing research about the health of adult teeth is more convincing than ever—strong teeth, which last a lifetime, are a result of good oral hygiene from infancy on.

This bright, whimsical picture book for children and parents will encourage them to care for their teeth. Delightful images show baby and adult animals celebrating their own strong, healthy teeth. The clever, rhyming text offers children and parents the basics of good dental hygiene:

        • Stresses the need for a regular teeth-cleaning routine
        • Promotes flossing
        • Suggests an approved method of brushing
        • Points out nutritional problems that can lead to cavities and gum disease
        • Advocates frequent dental visits
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