10 Practical Steps to Renewed Energy and Health

Kalindi Press

Pages: 300 pages
Size: Paperback, 6 X 9 inches
ISBN: 978-0-934252-95-9

At last, there is a caring, intelligent friend for every-one recovering from a breakdown in personal health. After Surgery, Illness or Trauma is that friend: It offers comfort, understanding and a helping hand along the path to recovery.

This book has sections on helping your visitors to be well, becoming an active partner in your recovery, and rescue remedies (including conscious worrying!).

On the practical side, Regina Ryan has collected, through her own experience and research, resources for pain control, brightening the environment and even amusements and distractions.


This book fills an important void between what the health care provider is able to offer and what each recovering person must learn to do for him/herself.

– Richard Moss, M.D., author How Shall I Live? 

Reading this book is like having a most welcome visit from an interested, intelligent, and caring friend. Its positive, commonsense approach strongly empowers the recuperating person to regain personal control for self-healing. I highly recommend it to those who are recovering from illness or trauma, and to professionals in the health field.

–  Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., author The Therapeutic Touch 

Regina encourages an approach of compassion and self-forgiveness; her emphasis on recovery from surgery and illness as a type of loss that brings on the grief process is an important consideration. This book provides the solid, practical help that everybody needs during recuperation; it is filled with a vitality that will infuse readers with renewed energy and inspiration.

– John W. Travis, M.D., from the Foreword. 

An empowering, health-active guide to many complex aspects of illness and recovery – including some that doctors rarely acknowledge or understand. It belongs on the bookshelf next to books by Norman Cousins and Bernie Siegel. The perfect gift for an ailing friend. Highly recommended.

– Tom Ferguson, M.D., author, Health Online; editor and publisher, The Ferguson Report: The Newsletter.   

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After Surgery, Illness, or Trauma