Nicholas Hlobeczy was a museum photographer. Now he pursues his own photography and gives photography workshops. His photographs are from natural subjects, and are as much about the revelation of the creative process as they are about the clarity of the finished print. He was decidedly influenced by his friend and teacher, Minor White. The Gurdjieff Teaching has been key to his development.

Born in Rankin, Pennsylvania, Hlobeczy studied at the Pittsburgh Institute of Art (1945-46) and the Cleveland Institute of Art (B.F.A. in painting, 1952) and then with Minor White (1961-76), coordinating Minor's Cleveland-based workshops in 1963-66 and assisting in two workshops in Hotchkiss, New York. Hlobeczy worked as a lithographer for the Photo Litho Plate Company in Cleveland from 1955-67, before moving to become head of the Cleveland Museum of Art's photography department, a position he held until 1990. He taught photography at Case Western Reserve University (1970-87 and 1990-1996) and conducts private workshops. He garnered first prize at the Yolo International 1964, and was included in "Photography in the Twentieth Century", Horizon Press 1967.

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