Stories of Kids and Teens Who Turned Their Dreams into Action


Kalindi Press

Pages: 168 pages
Size: Paperback, 5.5 X 8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-935826-38-5

The 15 stories of young people from around the world described in Young Enough to Change the World are proof that kids and teens today want to make a difference! Each of them has already made a significant contribution to the lives of others. And, most of their projects are still going strong.

These young people began with a dream that grew and gained momentum and support in spite of a small beginning. The key to their success has been their heartfelt passion and determination. These boys and girls, young men and women, possess the qualities of heroes and heroines—empathy, self-sacrifice, service, persistence, perseverance and commitment. Moreover, they are not content to battle singlehandedly the misfortune and sorrow they see around them. They want to enroll an army of courageous others, as determined as they are, to join them in the work of addressing human suffering and inequality. They want many more, the young as well as the old, to help bring about a healthier, more peaceful, more just, world for all of us. Their commitments and results will inspire readers everywhere, and encourage us all in knowing that the future of humanity is in busy, dedicated hands.


“These are not our future leaders, they are our leaders. A must read for those involved in mentoring students to create and sustain community service projects.”

– Bill Oldread, Assistant Director, EARCOS, East Asia Regional Council of Schools 


“The ‘can-do’ attitude of these avant-garde innovators will renew our faith in young people who show us firsthand how to make this world a better place.”

– Jim Grant, author; Grit Consultant and founder of Staff Development for Educators


Thank you so much. Looking forward to what this can spark with our faculty this summer.

– David Chadwell, Curriculum Coordinator, Cairo American College 


This is great news! We are delighted that Priscilla's work will be highlighted in this book. Of course, this is just the sort of commitment to which we hope our students will commit. Priscilla has long been a leader of leaders and she totally believes that she can change the world. She already has! Thanks again for sharing this and for taking on such an exciting project. – Warmly, Tim 


Congratulations on the book honoring the commitment of young people to effect change. I was happy to support Robert back in eighth grade when he was getting his micro-loan program up and running. 

– Brad Latzke, Middle School Principal, Shanghai American School 


Thanks for tracking me down and sharing your news. Your book describes your students as "ordinary" but if they are like Kelly, they are far from ordinary. She's a remarkable young lady and I appreciate you giving voice to her.

– Lance Potter, Ph.D., J.D., Director, Educational Leadership Program, Eastern Washington University 

Young Enough to Change the World