In 1993, Suhas Tambe (b. 1950) met with the late S. N. Tavaria, a Yoga master, who introduced him to Pätañjali’s Yoga-Sütra. Sri Tavariaji (1919—1994) was a master of many disciplines, most notable among which were his insights in the study of Yoga, the human body, and the many aspects of spirituality.

For the last ten years, the author has studied Tavariaji’s unpublished writings, researched extensively in order to understand many unexplained concepts, painstakingly avoided any apparently religious connotations, and constructed a contemporary presentation for today’s readers.

The author has been a devout practitioner of these Yoga exercises himself since 1993. Tavariaji emphasized that the essence of life was in correct breathing, the purpose of which was to refine the body-brain system and to upgrade awareness.

Prior to this transformation, however, for most of his early life the author remained spiritually challenged, making him believe now that if he could seek and walk on the yogìk path anybody could! Today, the author splits his time between practicing Yoga and earning a living from a traditional career in finance and information technology. Now an “empty nester” he lives in Chicago with his wife Vibha, an attorney.

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